100% Secure Payments

You can make your payment:
- By credit card: Visa, MasterCard, secure Sogénactif Societe Generale.
- By Transfer PayPal.
- By check: made payable to AMT CUSTOM.
- By Bank Transfer.

- By Payment in 3 installments by FRANFINANCE.

* Payment in 3 installments by credit card is a payment solution that allows you to stagger the payment of your order in 3 installments debited on the account associated to your credit card according to the chosen formula (from € 100 incl. VAT).
* Example of payment in 3 times : for a purchase of 150 €, you pay a first installment of 52,25 € then 2 installments of 50 €.
Funding Amount : 150 €.
Fee : € 2.25 (1.5% of the amount of funding).
Total amount due : 152,25 €.
Maximum duration of funding : 3 months.

Offer reserved for private individuals adult with a valid credit card at least 3 months after the closing date of the installment payment agreement and whose uses are not subject to a systematic authorization request (including Visa Electron and Maestro cards).
Subject to approval of the installment payment offer by Franfinance - 719 807 406 RCS Nanterre - N ° ORIAS 07 008 346.

NOTE: Deliveries against payment are no longer accepted.
For payments by check, your order is "reserved" for 7 days.
Beyond this period, without receiving your check will be canceled.
The order will be processed upon receipt of your check and after collection.