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LTL - Los Tremendos Latinos

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LTL France - Los Tremendos Latinos T-shirts, Hoodies, Shirts, Caps, clothing accessories - France and Europe
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LTL France - Los Tremendos Latinos T-shirts, Hoodies, Shirts, Caps, clothing accessories - France and Europe

To talk about Tremendos Latinos, we must first mention Antonio Blanco, the initiator of what we are entitled to call a conceptual reflection. But who does not already know this essential actor of kustom world? This Spanish rugby player, born in France, left to exert his talents in England, in particular in the prestigious London club of Harlequins, and who made later, thanks to his passion for the motorcycle, integral part of the Battistini team of the big time? This charismatic sales manager of CCE until 2002? This hardcore fan of Mohamed Ali and personal friend of Jesse James? Like them, he is one of those characters impossible to forget when they cross your path one day. A strong man with a big heart. But also one of these "sleeping elephants" that must be avoided to inflate too long ...
      It is precisely his friendship with the Californian bad boy that allows this globetrotter to finally rest his suitcases on the floor of his parents. In Barcelona he created in 2003 his company Urban Clothing, which today distributes the products West Coast Choppers for all of Southern Europe. Since 2007, its European subsidiary manufactures itself WCC clothing and according to its own designs, which must still be approved by the USA! From there to producing his personal line, there was only one step that Antonio went through more by passion, even conviction, than to reach ambitious marketing objectives ...
      Away from the beautiful neighborhoods of Barcelona, there is indeed a Catalonia where the tourist in shorts does not put a flip-flop. It is that of the suburbs where, as everywhere, the underprivileged populations are piling up. The city of Terrassa is a stinging example of these Spanish suburbs, where Andalusians, Maghrebians and South Americans survive thanks to various illicit trafficking, vibrate to the sound of flamenco hip hop and two and four-wheeled cars thrown into the heat of at night on dangerous illegal races. Great people in every sense of the word, tremendos as they say there, all actors in a subculture ignored and only interested in law enforcement. And an atmosphere very close to those of the chicano barrios of the west coast ... This is how the concept of Los Tremendos Latinos was born, as a kind of homage to this dynamic population by necessity, stamped with a machismo that can appear disturbing, and One faith, all prophets confused, too much exacerbated.
      The first T-shirts logically refer to the iconography blessed ass very popular with the Mexican gangs of south california and immediately tapping into the eye of Bertrand Dubet, a longtime friend, boss of Odyssey Motorcycles. The first Los Tremendos Latinos paintings were soon born under his airbrush, like the Jalapenos and the Psycho Pan, followed by the Street Bob Milwaukee Twin and that of Fabrice, who all displayed their metal flake in the Freeway magazine pages. The latest one covers Antonio custom made logically around a rigid frame WWC. These bikes are part of the interest that begins to arouse on both sides of the Pyrenees the approach Los Tremendos Latinos.
      Because, beyond the line of T-shirts, always printed by hand using an ecological process and whose range, as one might expect, is now enriched with motives inspired by mechanics, a kind of philosophy is slowly being put in place. That of guys who want to ride without taking the cabbage on the handlebars or driving rather cool vehicles. Nothing to do with any organized structure, just a bunch of friends determined to let the good times roll.
"We are not a club or something," says Antonio, "everyone is welcome! We are all great, right? "

 Source: by Zed (Freeway mag # 201)